Gun Street Girl, Half Dead

About–four?–years ago now, when I was a freshman/sophomore in art school, I illustrated the story “The World and His Wife” for Barbara Lien-Cooper’s webcomic Gun Street Girl. Well, the story has finally come around in the plot, and is up now. It’s quite a blast from the past for me, because I hadn’t looked at the pages in a long time. I was surprised to see that there are still things about the drawings that I like a lot, though there are also plenty of things I’d do better/differently now. It surely was a learning experience, and to date it’s the only sequential work longer than a few pages I’ve managed to do.

Go check out The World and His Wife, but while you’re there, also check out the rest of the comic, normally illustrated by Ryan Howe, and the other great comics that live at Panel2Panel.

Barbara Lien-Cooper, Park Cooper, and Jimmy Bott also have a graphic novel that just came out, Half Dead.


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