TAG show review

This is from the Baltimore Sun’s website, about the Towson Artists Group exhibit I’m in. Yeah, we all got a good laugh out of it, too:

“Old-fashioned, but not forsaken
I felt I had stepped into a time warp the other night when I walked into the weekly life drawing session organized by the Towson Artists Group. Here was a collection of people from all walks of life united by their love of painting the figure, in this case a serviceable male model. A couple of participants had attended art school; others were self-taught. They all seemed mercifully oblivious to the fact that what they were doing had so far gone out of fashion in the contemporary art world as to almost not even be considered art anymore. God bless ’em for their stubborn independence, which would do Baltimore Old Master Joe Sheppard proud. Their group show is up through May 19 at Towson Art and Framing, 410 York Road, across the street from Towsontown Center. Find them at: http://www.towsonartistsgroup.com.

Posted by Glenn McNatt on May 2, 2007 at 1:42 PM”

I, unfortunately, missed out on Mr. McNatt’s visit to the group last night, but Gil Jawetz told me “he was asking me about why I paint figures like he was asking why I lick frozen lamp poles…”


2 thoughts on “TAG show review

    • Well, that aside, he’s not even *right* is the kicker. There are plenty of renowned contemporary artists that work figuratively. It’s like he thinks he’s Clement Greenberg, or something.

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