I just got a stack of the July issue of Cricket magazine in the mail. I illustrated the article “The Star Spangled Banner.” I was kind of worried about how the illustrations would look in print since I wasn’t too happy with how my scans made the original paintings look, but Cricket did their own final scanning, and they did a much better job than I did. I’m really pleased with how it looks, and I’m thrilled to see my work in a well known publication! I hope the editor is happy enough with the work to give me another assignment soon.

I ran into Whitney Sherman, the head of my former illustration department, recently. She’s the one who initially encouraged me to send samples to Cricket, and I’m glad she did. I told her that it had finally panned out. She told me that a lot of children’s book publishers watch Cricket for new talent, and that I might end up with a book project if someone likes what they see. (!)

Here are the illustrations. These are my scans, and I find the paper texture overwhelming, and some of the colors are off. Also, in the magazine, they ended up not cropping them, and using the edges of my wash as uneven borders. It’s not what I’d planned for them to do, but it ended up being a good decision, I think. So if you find yourself in a bookstore, and you want to see these at their best, take a quick peek at the issue.


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