Character illustrations/portraits

I recently finished doing a series of black and white character illustrations for author/creator Trista Godfrey of the different races/cultures that populate the world she’s created. These two are my favorites of the group:
(Click for larger, 2nd one has some nudity in it)

And here’s a sampling of some of my favorite portraits I did before Christmas:


3 thoughts on “Character illustrations/portraits

  1. Your Work
    As one artist to another, we so often work in isolation, so it is good to hear from one another. Your work is excellent, not that you need me to tell you that! You create such depth, bold shading and concrete lines within a medium so hard to control! I love your work and will check in from time to time to give you a shout out! Great work! Happy Week!
    “Giving color to a black & white World”

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