Flowermart, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

If you’re in the Baltimore area, come visit me next weekend at Flowermart! Flowermart is May 1st (Friday) and 2nd (Saturday) in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore, along Charles St.

I’ll be there selling original watercolors, prints, notecards, jewelry and ornaments featuring my illustrations, and of course I’ll be doing quick $10 portrait drawings on the spot!

There will also be lots of other artists and craftspeople, local schools and organizations selling flowers and plants (last year there was even a booth selling native carnivorous plants!), food, and entertainment. I hope Taharka Brothers ice cream will be there again.

It’s not too late to order a portrait from me as a gift for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is May 10th. My order deadline is May 1st. Also, Father’s Day is June 21st with a portrait deadline of June 11th.

Go to the portraits section of my website for information on how to place an order.

Here’s an example of a watercolor portrait I finished recently that I think might be my new favorite:


5 thoughts on “Flowermart, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

  1. ahhhhhhhhh joanna that portrait is AMAZING! it’s more controlled than your past watercolors and yet there’s still that loose liveliness. and all those lovely hints of yellow that add a warm glow are gorgeous. even the couple’s expression is endearing. ;; GUH.
    if i can break away that weekend, i may just come up and bug you at this festive Mart of Flowers. where exactly will you be stationed?

    • Thanks! Well, I can’t take credit for the expression/pose, they took the photo and sent it to me. I like this one, but I’ve been struggling a little with trying to get loose again… I like the loose paintings better, but it’s like I lost it somehow.
      The map they sent me is confusing, but I’m on Mt. Vernon Place, near the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Charles, close to the Washington Monument. On the side of the street closest to the Walters. “Stage A” is behind me, I hope it’s not too loud all day long. The whole thing isn’t THAT huge, so even if my explanation makes no sense, I think you should be able to find me just wandering around.

      • oh yea i know, but the fact that you were able to copy it without killing the faces, actually maintaining its “aliveness”, is really awesome 🙂 n do you think that some studies from life might help? that always seems to loosen me up, mainly out of sheer laziness of not wanting to copy every freakin detail xD
        and ok! i’ll print out the map on their site n’ try not to get lost. but if you hear someone screaming MARCOOOOOOO, then you’ll know it’s me. 😛

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