Raffle winners and feedback results

Thanks so much for your help, everyone! I got a lot more feedback than I expected. It was really interesting to see which pieces people like. Some of the votes were for pieces I haven’t thought about in quite a while.

The winner of the raffle for an 11″ x 17″ print is Tim S. Tim will be receiving a print of Green Elephant.

And since I was so pleasantly surprised with the amount of feedback I received, I decided to do an additional drawing for an 8.5″ x 11″ print. The winner of the 8.5″ x 11″ print is Ruth C. Ruth will be receiving a print of Man’s Ruin.

Below is the tally of the votes I received. I’ve just listed large and small prints of Green Elephant, Artemis, Ophelia, and Maculate Heart of the Artist in my Etsy shop, for now.

Green Elephant- ////
Artemis- ///
Ophelia- //
Maculate Heard of the Artist- //
Life of Pi- //
Dionysus- /
Barack Obama- /
Fly Agaric- /
Sleepy Hollow (title page)- /
Sleepy Hollow (woods interior)- /
Carousel- /
Black Queen- /
White Queen- /
Blueberries- /
Gorilla- /
Red-tailed Hawk- /
Still-life with Grapefruit- /
Dream comic- /
Windowsill with Ivy- /
Horned God- /
Man’s Ruin- /
Lady of Shalott (window)- /
Greenman- /
Oscar Wilde- /
Tori Amos- /
Still-life with Lemons, Limes, and Leeks- /
(Sorrento) Vesuvius by day- /
(Sorrento) Building in Sant’angelo- /
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra sketch I- /

I forgot to specify that I don’t want to offer prints of personal portraits people have commissioned, and a couple of people voted for those. I did not include those in my feedback tally, but I did still include them in my raffle (if one of them had won, they would have been given the choice to select a different piece to receive a print of).

Some people mentioned additional pieces they liked aside from their top favorite, so I also included those in the tally, but each person who entered was only given once chance to win.


4 thoughts on “Raffle winners and feedback results

    • 😉 For the record, everything on my site is available all the time directly through me, even if it’s not something I’m featuring on Etsy. But thank you so much for the Etsy love! I don’t have many sales on there so the more I can get, the more reliable and interesting I look to the folks who come through there. I got the order and the payment and I’ll get your print off to you tomorrow.

      • Ooooh! Wait!
        I sent you a message with the order on Etsy wondering if you could hold off on sending it to me till after we get back from Hawaii? I would just hate for it to be left on our doorstep or stuck in a huge box of held mail.
        We get back on 9/5, so could you send it after that?

      • Yikes! Thanks for pointing that out. Etsy puts the “additional comments” way down at the bottom and it gets lost in the default e-mail. I didn’t send it yet, I’ll wait until you get back.

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