Sihaya Designs art trade

I was recently commissioned by Christina of Sihaya Designs to paint an illuminated title page for her Book of Shadows.

We decided to do an art trade for the project, since she makes beautiful jewelry.

I received this in the mail last week:

(Christina’s photo)

Me wearing the necklace, with bonus shot of my messy studio:

Definitely check out the other pieces on her website. She also does custom work.

Here is the page I painted for her book:

I always love the chance to play with lettering and ornamentation. I’ve also used this style of work for logos with an organic handmade feel to them, invitations, and posters.

Doing trades is a lot of fun because I like collecting the work of other artists and crafters, but try not to spend a lot of money shopping for myself.


3 thoughts on “Sihaya Designs art trade

    • Yes! I’d love to do that! Probably striped socks or legwarmers or something like that. We’ll have to talk later about what would constitute a fair trade. Crocheting is way faster than knitting so I don’t have a good concept of how much labor goes into a particular knitted piece.

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