Carl Sagan, Ray Bradbury

Here are a couple more illustrative portraits I’ve just finished that will be at Artdromeda.

(Click on either image to see it larger)

Carl Sagan:

The imagery in the background is based on the photograph taken by Voyager 1 of Earth which inspired Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot.

As reference for Sagan, I used a public domain photo from NASA.

Ray Bradbury:

The likeness of Bradbury is based on a Creative Commons licensed photo from the Miami Dade College archives. As per the terms of that particular license, my painting is also available under the same CC license.

Both images are available as prints. Please see the print section of my website for sizes, pricing, and ordering information.


2 thoughts on “Carl Sagan, Ray Bradbury

  1. I’ve been really loving these, but the Bradbury is simply amazing. Adore the combination of objects, especially since I’ve read quite a bit of Bradbury and they all fit so well.

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