I was adding a few pieces to my DeviantArt gallery, and ran across something I did a ways back- a submission to Project Rooftop for their Vampirella competition. PR encourages costume redesigns for famous comic characters.

The point is supposed to be costume redesigns, not re-imaginings, and I failed to actually follow the instructions since I didn’t read carefully, and didn’t finish on time to submit the drawing anyway, but I still think it came out pretty cool. I only ever posted it on DA under “fan art,” and not on my website, because I thought it wasn’t serious enough, and was worried about potential copyright issues. However, upon rediscovering the piece, I decided I really like it and want to put it up. I figure that my version is different enough from the original character that it should not be a problem, especially if I mention Project Rooftop, which I believe has an official OK from the comic companies featured.

At any rate:


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