Prints to Help Haiti

If you haven’t already heard about the help_haiti community on Live Journal, check it out. Many, many writers and artists have items up for auction, with all proceeds benefiting the earthquake victims in Haiti.

Most of the items are “fandom” related, so I dug up my old “kiss” series and am offering signed prints in the “lighting round” the community is doing.

Please visit my post there if you’re interested in making a $10 donation in exchange for a print. I’m offering prints to the first five people to donate. There are instructions for how to participate in the main post there- you’ll be donating directly to the charity of your choice from a list of approved organizations, and providing me (or other item offerer) with a screencap or e-mail as proof of donation in exchange for your item.

Here are the images I have available (click the thumbnail to see the full sized image):

Leeloo & Korben Dallas (5th Element)

Kate & Sawyer (Lost)

Pam & Jim (The Office)

Mary Jane & Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

Princess Leia & Han Solo


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