New mini paintings

I just finished a batch of new mini framed watercolors. I like to collect the tiny frames in different styles and colors when I can find them on sale. Usually the minis are paintings of food, but I included a few images of “Marylandia” since folks at festivals seem to like that.

I just listed these all on Etsy, and they’ll also be available at Arts in the Park and Flowermart. The minis are $10 each + shipping.

I’ve decided that I’m also willing to do these on commission- you can request a tiny, slightly stylized whimsical image of any food item, drink, simple object, etc. Animals are OK, but not specific photos of animals- if you want a portrait, you’ll need to check out the portrait options on my website. Frame choices depend on what I can get my hands on at any given moment, as I don’t have one consistent source for them.

What else do you think I should paint? I want to make more for the festival, but I don’t like painting the same thing over and over again, and I’m feeling stumped. Feel free to suggest something you’d like to see, even if you’re not interested in buying it. If you make a suggestion that I use, I’ll post an LJ icon-sized version of the image for you to use, if you wish.

This is an example of one of the minis in its frame. Unfortunately, I’m not so great at photographing them yet, so that the colors of the frames are accurate, and the images in the frames show up clearly:

And here are all of the images as scans. The images link to the Etsy listing for each one.


5 thoughts on “New mini paintings

    • Thanks! They are, if you click on the images it will take you to the Etsy listings. There are also some older ones not shown in this entry that are in the Etsy shop. And they’ll all be at Arts in the Park and Flowermart.

  1. You’re making an important contribution to the world; much more so than the majority of office jobs. I’m sure your man is ridiculously proud of you!

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