Sugar and Spice artwork in Burbank

UPDATE 9/3/10: I’m also linking this post for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “dessert,” on GDG’s recommendation. I’ve always meant to participate, but never have. I hope to do some original sketches for future themes…

A couple of months ago I was invited to join a very talented collective of ladies, Girls Drawin’ Girls. The members of the group are women in the animation and illustration industries who also enjoy exploring the art form of the pinup. “Girls Drawin Girls was founded in 2006 by Simpsons veteran Melody Severns and storyboard artist Anne Walker as a way to showcase women artists working in the male-dominated industry of animation. Together, they felt it was time for these talented women to demonstrate their creative abilities and artistic interpretations of female sexuality by re-defining the art of the pin-up.”

Every year, these ladies put together a themed art book, and produce an art show in association with the book. I signed on too late to be included in this year’s book, but I was invited to submit some work for the show, which this year is dessert themed.

Sugar and Spice
Friday, July 9, 2010
7:00pm – 11:00pm
Gallery 839
1105 North Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA

I really enjoyed exploring the show’s theme in a series of three portraits I’ve just finished. I decided that I wanted to paint portraits of ladies eating dessert. Of course, I wanted to make something that was aesthetically delightful, much like desserts themselves, and like traditional pinups. However, I also wanted to make a conceptual statement. In a society that is increasingly obsessed with weight and body image, food and eating is such a loaded issue for many women. I wanted to portray these women as confident and joyful, without any sense of shame about the act they are partaking in. Of course, beyond the issue of body and eating, I also wanted to use the act of enjoying dessert as a metaphor for a woman proudly taking ownership of her desires, goals, and identity. The focus on portraits of particular women, with their own personalities, styles, and preferences, also stands in contrast to the traditional pinup of woman as archetype/idea/object.

Tessa Eating Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Self Portrait Eating Rainbow Cookie

Tanza Eating Chocolate Lava Cake

For now, I’m about to ship off these three portraits to the show. But I really hope to work with additional models and expand this series. Stay tuned for information about how you may be able to help me.


12 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice artwork in Burbank

  1. I love all of these so much! You accomplished your objectives, and produced pieces that are just aesthetically pleasing in themselves, even without knowing the theme. All of the faces are just so alive and real. Tanza’s is my favorite. I love the laugh-crinkles around her eyes.

  2. OMG- I love them all! These are great. Do you mind if I use mine as my FB profile picture? If I can’t, that’s cool. I’m not sure how copyright stuff works. Either way, these are awesome. 🙂

  3. Dessert
    Fascinating and great works – three portraits.
    What a good idea you tell us about!
    I am a master in 2d computer based animation…
    Have a nice week ;:OD)

  4. These are really lovely. You’ve really captured the happiness of desserts and the colors are wonderful. If I can add a suggestion, Tessa’s left hand is odd. I think lines to extend the fingers to the knuckles on the back of her hand would make more sense. All the other hands are so nicely done, it seems like that area got forgotten. Really beautiful overall.

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