Happy 4th of July

This year I celebrated by taking a giant puppet making workshop and marching in the Towson 4th of July parade with my Cthulhu puppet, as part of the Towson Arts Collective.

My dance teacher, Nina Amaya, taught the workshop.

The puppet has a paper mache head/mask, a wooden armature inside that is worn as a backpack, and a fabric body and arms. Bamboo rods with paper mache hands on the ends attach to the ends of the arms, so that I can move them. This was the first giant puppet I ever made. Next time, I’ll probably make the head a lot lighter.

Cthulhu is a character from the horror/scifi fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. I might have accidentally scared a few children, but most of them really liked us. I gave a lot of puppet high fives.

Here’s part of our group for the parade:

My husband Mike was inside the Oni on the left, which is one of the puppets Nina built.

Nina’s husband Luke built this really cool grasshopper puppet. He had long rods attached to his ankles which moved the grasshopper’s legs as he walked.


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