Artscape Baltimore

This was my second year dancing with Nina Amaya and Belly Dance Delight at Baltimore’s Artscape festival. We performed all three nights of the festival, accompanied by the live music of the world music band DragonSong. For the occasion, Nina taught a group of 25 dancers (professionals, advanced students, and beginners/dancers with absolutely no previous experience) a veil choreography to DragonSong’s original composition “Barefoot in Muntenia.” We also performed other troupe choreographies, solos, and danced with the audience.

It was an exhausting weekend, dancing three evenings in a row in near 100 degree weather, but it was also rejuvenating. To me, belly dance is at its heart a dance of the people, and it was fantastic seeing women (and men!) of every color, shape, age, and skill level dancing together joyously.

I had the privilege of performing an improv solo to DragonSong’s original “Manipura” on Saturday and Sunday. I love dancing to live music! I don’t think my dancing was perfect, but friends have sent me a few photographs of the performance that really capture how I felt. The light during our performance was pretty great, too.

Eventually, I hope to share some video from Artscape as well, but first I have to figure out how to edit the video my husband shot so that it’s not one giant hour long block…ha!

I also wanted to share a great article I was reading recently about the origins of belly dance and some of the myths surrounding it. In Search of the Origins of Dance by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.


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