Elysium RPG

Lately I’ve been working on some black and white ink illustrations for the tabletop role playing game Elysium, from the indie collaborative Never Say Die Games. I asked Dustin Blottenberger and Jon Hawk for a short teaser about the game that I could share with you. They promised to update me soon with a link I can share, as well. They hope to have their downloadable rules release available by the end of the summer.

“The Elysium game strives to blend classic fantasy with new ideas and genres such as mystery, science fiction, horror, humor, and history. To achieve this end, Elysium gives players the tools to forge characters, places, and events, otherwise impossible in other games. Fully customizable characters, extensive options, and vivid source material allow players to break through the molds of fighter, cleric, thief, and wizard.”

I haven’t had the opportunity to draw monsters in a while, and I’m having a blast. My husband thinks this is the scariest thing I’ve ever drawn. I guess I don’t draw scary things that often.

(Click to enlarge)


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