November is National Novel Writing Month and lots of people I know are participating. You can find out more at

I’ve also seen people use the theme to do some other activity every day, or complete some other big project. I’m not much of a writer and have no aspirations in that area.

But I think I’m going to get into the spirit of the thing by using November to work on my pitch and dummy book for a public domain story to submit to children’s book publishers, which is a project I’ve wanted to take on since leaving art school.

I’m currently in the end stages of putting together an illustrated children’s book for some local authors who are self publishing, and having just gone through the dummy book to final process with them, I’m realizing just how doable it is, and not some monumental thing to keep putting off. And in this case, I only need a dummy and a few sample finals, so it should be even easier.

I’m leaning toward choosing something from the One Thousand and One Nights, but am not totally sure yet. I want to illustrate some sort of fairy tale, folk tale, or myth, but want to use something public domain in a format that won’t need to be rewritten, just laid out nicely for an illustrated format.


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