Valentine’s Day Kisses

Aaaand, I just made this slideshow of my work for Valentine’s Day.

I used all of the commissioned drawings and paintings I’ve done of people kissing from 2006-2010. Digging through the old images made me realize how much my work has improved. Although I do miss the really funky style of some of the old drawings.

The song in the video is “I’m Your Moon,” by Jonathan Coulton, used under a Creative Commons license.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Kisses

  1. A: Jonathan Coulton rocks. 🙂 It’s so awesome he makes so much of his music free, and that (even better) he’s so good at it. ;D
    B: The idea of doing a compilation video of your work is such a phenomenal one! Kudos!
    C: This slideshow really illustrates (NPI) how poignant and emotion-filled your work is. 🙂 It’s so expressive and filled w/such great energy!
    Your work has such great personality. *applauds* Love the painterliness, composition and color choices, too. It’s all just really warm, wonderful work. ^_^

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