Dancing at Artscape

I was finally able to find the time and correct program to start editing some videos my husband shot for me at Artscape this past summer. My troupe Aubergine (formerly known as Belly Dance Delight) performed all weekend with local band DragonSong.

Here’s an improv veil solo I did to Romanza (classic) and Manipura (DragonSong original).

Aubergine also now has its own website. We’re still editing our text and adding to it, but it’s done enough that I can start sharing the link. We’ve been taking the free web hosting/design service Weebly for a spin, and are liking it a lot so far. I’ve been doing most of the setup of the page, using a pre-made template with a few changes. I’m not super web savvy (my illustration website was designed by me, but constructed with a lot of help from my IT professional husband), but I’ve found the service very easy to use, and am pleased with what I can achieve with it. It would not be flexible enough for my portfolio website, but it’s great for the troupe.

I’ve also been working on designing the new Aubergine costumes seen in the photo below/under the cut. I designed them in collaboration with the troupe, and constructed several of them for my troupemates. Other troupe members did their own sewing based on my directions. The silk skirts and veils were dyed by our director, Nina Amaya. Since these photos were taken, we’ve made a few more additions to the costumes.


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