John James Audubon- complete

Watercolor, tempera, ink wash, pen & ink

Click to see super big size. A lot of detail is lost in the scaled down preview.


6 thoughts on “John James Audubon- complete

  1. yay!!! : D if I don’t have a chance to box ’em up today, it may be a week or two before I can get them out to you- is that ok? You’ll love’em!
    the fire fans were actually given to me by a russian fire dancer who had retired from fire work, so I think that’s their purpose- to be passed on! they might need to be rewicked, but it shouldn’t be too hard… i’ll try to drum up the info on that.. the fingers are by bear claw-
    i actually had tedwards’ protype fingers way back when in like, 02, 03, and then i upgraded to his newer set. I don’t know the length off hand; that’s a newer version… i also recommend his fire dancing cups; very nice to use and hold! (I don’t have a set unfort, but i used them when i was in a troupe with him)
    he’s also a good source on all things fire info-related. he’s been in the biz forever

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