Due to a recent rash of spam comments, I’ve had to disable anonymous commenting. This is unfortunate, since my public entries here are part of my public artistic presence online, and I’d like to make them welcoming to non-LiveJournal users, but deleting the spam has gotten too tedious. Maybe we’ll try again in a month or so.


3 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Maybe look at a different forum to replace this one? Or do you find too much utility with livejournal? I myself find the advertising black screen killer.

    • I’m pretty sure there aren’t ads on my journal because I never selected the option that would give me more benefits in exchange for having ads…but maybe that has changed.
      I’ve considered going to another service that might be perceived as more professional. Mostly, right now, it’s inertia. I’m used to LJ and know how it works. And I also like that I can use f-locked or private entries for off topic personal journaling. That may be a possibility elsewhere, but again, I already know how to do it here. And if I left, I have a feeling I’d lose touch with some of the friends I’ve made here, if they’re not also on Facebook.
      The ideal option might be to keep this journal, but to have another professional journal X-post automatically to LJ, which I know can be done…I just need to put in the time researching it and setting it up.
      I’ve also been considering redoing my website, another thing that needs research and time put aside. Just gotta do it…

      • I don’t know how the ads work but I see them when I log into your site as a visitor. Its a 2 second delay before I can close them but they’re there.
        I left LJ and moved to a Drupal based site… then I switched to WordPress. I wish I’d skipped that intermediate step because WordPress has some really good tools for migrating from LJ.
        I agree about the losing of friends. I’m sure a couple of LJ people fell off my map. I’ve done my best by adding RSS feeds for all of their journals but RSS feeds can’t handle friend locked posts so I’m sure I miss a lot.

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