Art of the Belly performances

Baba Ghanoush’s performance (me & Amyfae). I completely goofed up our choreography in the middle of Hadouni! At least I laughed about it. Overall, if we ever do this exact set again, I think we need to rework Hadouni (the second piece, after we put down the swords) to include some moments where we make better use of the whole stage, and alternate slow/fast more.

Aubergine’s performance, unedited. Eventually we’ll probably take this down and put one up with the end of the finale removed… we decided at the last minute to change how we lined up for the end of the finale, thinking that because the stage was so big, we’d all fit in the “front row”…completely forgetting to consider whether or not we’d all have *time* to get into the front row, so half the group did one thing, and half did something else when they realized it wasn’t going to work, and it was a bit…chaotic. We also seemed to have some little staging issues when we got into our “V” for the drum solo. Overall, though, I’m very pleased with the whole video and how far we’ve come together as a troupe, especially in the past year.

Also, I designed our matching costumes, and actually sewed quite a few of them. They don’t show up in a ton of detail in the video, but I’ll have more photos eventually.

Constructive feedback always welcome from my dance buddies on here.

PS- Videography by Candlelight Productions.


3 thoughts on “Art of the Belly performances

  1. I’m fixing to watch the second video, but just from BG’s performance: lovely! Really lovely! I really like the choreography (and frankly if you hadn’t mentioned the goof, I’d have assumed it was intentional since you handled it smoothly, and really, it didn’t mess the flavor of the piece up at all. I’m also coveting your liquid hip movements, and coveting the turquoise and silver outfits.
    L is taking a sword workshop next month. I think it might be nice to show her your video here, OK?
    Saucy Baba Ganoush dancers.

    • Thank you! Share it anywhere you like, I made it public.
      There were quite a few amazing sword performances this weekend. If you look for “Art of the Belly” or “AOTB” on Youtube or Vimeo, lots of people seem to be uploading their videos and tagging them.
      This one from Shems was my absolute favorite:
      Argle, I know I still owe you video watching and feedback! I am slowly catching up with everything now that this crazy weekend is over and done. I swear, I haven’t done much of anything today besides read all the stuff online I’ve been behind on, and upload photos and videos and stuff.

      • Heh — the silly video. Heh. I’ll make a better one eventually.
        I watched the Aubergine one — I love the choreography, and the costumes. Definitely see how the size of the stage was an issue with trying to get everyone in the right places; I’m surprised the veilwork was as good as it was with no casualties in such tight formation! I also noticed — it was more apparent with the bigger group: you personally are *on the music* the entire time. It’s remarkable.

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