Paper Dolls

Now that I’ve had some time to get organized after returning from Art of the Belly, the Baba Ghanoush paper doll sets are available for purchase online.

You can order through Etsy, or directly through me by sending Paypal payment and your shipping info to joanna at joannabarnum dot com. The sets are $10 each + $2 shipping for one set, $3 shipping for two sets, or $4.75 flat rate shipping for any number of sets above two.

-8.5″ x 11″ pages
-Professionally printed heavy cardstock “cover” in full color with two dolls in base outfits
-Four pages of black and white “color your own” linework outfits on lighter weight cardstock. They are photocopied, so you can color them in with markers or watercolor and the lines won’t bleed.
-Lots of bedlahs, pants, skirts, and accessories packed onto every page, including veils, swords, and fairy wings!
-The pages are packaged together neatly in a clear sealed envelope

(Click the thumbnails to see everything big)


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