I have one more science portrait I finished last week, that I haven’t edited and posted yet. On Wednesday, I’ll head up to Irvine to help install the show. As far as the Irvine show is concerned, I’m “done,” although I’d like to continue with the series. After Irvine, I’d like to seek additional exhibition opportunities for an expanded series.

I also plan to begin sending out a round of promotional materials featuring this work. I have not send out marketing materials to art directors in quite a while because I felt like my portfolio did not really represent where I was headed with my work, and I wanted to begin putting together something new first.

Next up, I’ll be preparing for Artscape (Baltimore, July 15-17) as both a dancer and an illustrator. I did not receive the Penn Station window installation I applied to do as a visual artist, but they liked my work, and wanted to include me in some capacity. The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts/Artscape is commissioning me to do several brush & ink portraits of musicians in the style I originally applied with for the window installation. They will be making photocopies of my drawings along with a variety of vintage concert posters and collaging them onto seating structures and backdrops throughout the “1982” environment.

Baba Ghanoush (my belly dance duet with Aubergine troupemade Amyfae) has also been hired for two performances within the 1982 environment over the course of the weekend. The times/dates have not been set yet. We’ll be putting together a set that fuses traditional American cabaret style belly dance with 80’s pop music. This is our first professional gig as Baba Ghanoush, so I’m pretty excited about the opportunity.

Aside from that, I’m working on some fantasy card game illustrations for the fledgling company Behemus, and I also had a meeting with the folks I worked with on Rooney Gooney about starting another project.

My other plan is that I’d like to put up a dedicated website or blog (probably using Blogspot, slowly moving away from LiveJournal) for the “women eating dessert” series I began for Girls Drawin’ Girls last year, and begin expanding that series in earnest. I feel like it has a lot of potential.


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