Artscape, finally!

Artscape was last month, but I’m finally catching up with my blogging and video editing.

I got to participate as both an illustrator and a dancer, which was really fun.

I created a bunch of brush & ink portraits of 80s celebrities, which were photocopied and collaged onto various surfaces in the “1982 environment” along with copies of old show flyers.

Baba Ghanoush created a set that included both traditional belly dance music and popular 80s hits to suit the theme of the 1982 environment. We performed twice on Friday, and spent the time in between at the festival, so it was an exhausting but super fun day.

Here’s a clip from our performance:

We tried to spend a lot of our time in between sets resting, but I did have the chance to see some amazing work for sale from other artists.

I bought a ceramic cup decorated with octopus tentacles from for my husband. I didn’t buy a food themed linoleum cut print from Kathy Beachler of because I didn’t want to carry it around with me, but I’ll be ordering something from her as soon as I can make up my mind what I want.


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