Goblins & Gears

…and faeries and orks.

Troupe Aubergine had our dress rehearsals this week for the Goblins & Gears masquerade fundraiser coming up on Saturday.

Here are the two costume I’ve been working on, for myself and for my troupemate Haleemah Deniz:

A nest hair accessory for Jem:

And a progress shot of part of the ork costume I’m making for my husband Mike to wear to the event. He wants to be a member of the “Deathskull” clan of orks from Warhammer 40K, which is set in a dystopian scifi universe. We’re making it into more of a fantasy version because it fits the event’s theme better. And because I can’t forge metal.

I’m making faux-leather armor by wrapping layers of felt in synthetic suede fabric and painting on Deathskull symbols.


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