Goblins & Gears follow up

We had a great time on Saturday at Team Wench’s MS fantasy ball, Goblins & Gears.

Here’s Aubergine in our fairy costumes. I helped brainstorm the basic design for the troupe fairy bedlah, but as you can see, each troupe member got very creative putting their own spin on the concept. Each one is a little different. Our skirts all match. We also had beautiful silk half veil “wings,” dyed by our troupe leader Nina Amaya. She custom dyes beautiful silk veils and skirts.

Thanks to Anton Marx for taking the group shots.

And here’s the finished Ork costume I made for my husband Mike. He won the costume contest! He was the only “goblin” in the contest.


3 thoughts on “Goblins & Gears follow up

  1. I absolutely love your work – the bras are beautiful. Two coincidences: I’m in my 2nd year of dancing, and this weekend I am doing a summer festival here in Indiana, and I’m going with a garden theme – making a floral belt. So I was delighted when I saw your creations. Second, I have a friend who also danced at Ocean City in March, Yasaman Vrd’dhi, who has invited me to dance there next year. Anyway, just wanted to send blessings and compliments to you.

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