Belly Dance Related

I’ve been working on a new WordPress based website/blog with my dance partner for our duet Baba Ghanoush.

Check it out, let us know what you think.

The current blog entry is about our adventures this past weekend at Art of the Belly, a belly dance convention in Ocean City, Maryland. It includes video of our performances.

Here are some beach shots our friend Anton Marx took of us that show off the flower costumes I helped design and create in collaboration with the other members of troupe Aubergine. In the zoomed in shot, the costumes I actually sewed from scratch include the one I’m wearing (I’m the redhead) and the one Jem is wearing on the far left (sorry your head is cut off, Jem, but your costume looks great!). Nina Amaya dyed the purple silk skirts we’re wearing.

I also recently created this very yellow costume for my friend Tydirah, who also performed at the festival this weekend.


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