Print sale!

The “too many mailing tubes in my house” print sale is ON!

Until August 10, all large and jumbo prints are $10 off!

Large: 11″ x 17″- $20! (regularly $30 or 4/$100)- glossy finish only
Jumbo: 13″ x 19″- $30! (regularly $40 or 4/$140)- available in glossy or matte finish

Shipping is a flat $3 to any location for any number of prints.

Prints will be shipped rolled in tubes (duh) and will be signed.

You can get a print of just about ANYTHING you’ve seen on my website or blog. Go check it out! Not too early to think about holiday shopping or birthdays throughout the year! Help me get rid of some tubes!

Note that the print size describes the size of paper printed on. Images with different proportions will be printed as large as possible on the sheet, but may have white space around them.

This sale only applies to direct orders, not my Etsy shop, so if you’d like to order some prints, please email me at and I will send you Paypal details.



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