Joanna Barnum is a Baltimore, MD based illustrator whose expressive watercolor style stretches across several genres, including conceptual portraiture, narrative illustration for children and adults, and wildlife and culinary illustration.

She also paints fine art watercolor portraits of people, pets, and homes for private clients, occasionally paints energetic murals in private homes and businesses, and exhibits her work locally and nationally.

Clients include North American Review, Cricket, Eating Well, Sage Woman, and numerous small presses and local businesses.  Joanna’s popular Charles Darwin illustration was an American Illustration “Chosen” piece in 2010, and her work was included in The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration from Anova Books in 2009.  Other compilations include Epilogue.net’s New Masters of Fantasy, Aphrodisia: Art of the Female Form from Anova Publishing, Erotic Fantasy Art from Harper Design, and several editions of Yen Magazine’s Curvy books.

Joanna serves as Secretary on the board of directors for Playa Del Fuego, Inc., the 501c3 nonprofit organization that produces the official Burning Man event of the Mid-Atlantic region and awards grants for participatory, inclusive artwork.

As “Alizarin,” she is a student of American Cabaret style belly dance, and a member of troupe Aubergine and the duet Baba Ghanoush.


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