Frederick News-Post feature

I was recently interviewed by Lauren LaRocca at the Frederick News-Post about my work in Artomatic@Frederick. I was delighted to find that they chose to run it as their entertainment section’s cover story this week.

This is the web version of the interview.

And this is the print version, which shows my Charles Darwin illustration as the cover of the entertainment section, and several large images accompanying the interview:

One sad little edit for accuracy: Between the time I was interviewed and this went to press, I actually decided to step down from active duty the Playa Del Fuego Board of Directors. I’m currently an Emeritus member, which means I hope to return as a full member in a year or so, but right now I’m taking a break, and am no longer Secretary- I was just trying to juggle too many commitments at the same time.


Artomatic@Frederick update

Yesterday, I drove out to Frederick, MD to paint and install my Artomatic space.

The building being used is the former home of the Frederick County Public Schools board of education, and I think before that, it was an actual school building. It’s a really great space for the show. The old building is filled with all sorts of interesting winding rooms and built in shelves and alcoves that artists are taking full advantage of for installations. In the “attic” of the building, there is an old gymnasium and stage with a dark, aged wooden floor and rafters and huge windows looking out over the city. They are using that space for large sculptural installations and performances during the event.

Artomatic will run from Sept. 28th – Nov. 6th, 2011. There will be many performances and special events throughout the run. There are over 300 artists exhibiting and performing.