Kunlun Mountain Studios kickstarter

You might remember this cover I worked on for Gram, an RPG by John Crum. The game is still in production.

John just put together a Kickstarter to help launch his brand, Kunlun Mountain Studios. Check it out! If you’re a fan of indie RPGs, consider contributing.


Goblins & Gears follow up

We had a great time on Saturday at Team Wench’s MS fantasy ball, Goblins & Gears.

Here’s Aubergine in our fairy costumes. I helped brainstorm the basic design for the troupe fairy bedlah, but as you can see, each troupe member got very creative putting their own spin on the concept. Each one is a little different. Our skirts all match. We also had beautiful silk half veil “wings,” dyed by our troupe leader Nina Amaya. She custom dyes beautiful silk veils and skirts.

Thanks to Anton Marx for taking the group shots.

And here’s the finished Ork costume I made for my husband Mike. He won the costume contest! He was the only “goblin” in the contest.

Goblins & Gears

…and faeries and orks.

Troupe Aubergine had our dress rehearsals this week for the Goblins & Gears masquerade fundraiser coming up on Saturday.

Here are the two costume I’ve been working on, for myself and for my troupemate Haleemah Deniz:

A nest hair accessory for Jem:

And a progress shot of part of the ork costume I’m making for my husband Mike to wear to the event. He wants to be a member of the “Deathskull” clan of orks from Warhammer 40K, which is set in a dystopian scifi universe. We’re making it into more of a fantasy version because it fits the event’s theme better. And because I can’t forge metal.

I’m making faux-leather armor by wrapping layers of felt in synthetic suede fabric and painting on Deathskull symbols.

“Utopia” from Behemus

I recently worked on some illustrations for the fantasy card game Utopia (working title) being put together by the new company Behemus.  The game is a way off from being ready, so it doesn’t have a website yet.  I’ll share the information with you when I have it.

Here’s a preview of some of the card illustrations: