For the West coast crowd…

Some of my hand painted nature ornaments are here.
Eagle Rock, CA


Distorted Disney

I just sent off two pieces for this show organized by fellow Girls Drawin’ Girls member Veronica Lynn Harper:

We were asked to satirize Disney classics. At first I had trouble thinking of a way to put a dark twist on a Disney story without simply reverting to the original fairy tales, which were often quite macabre, but then I decided to imagine what might have happened to Sleeping Beauty and Snow White if their princes had never shown up to awaken them.

This media is a little different for me, too. Since I needed to ship the work to Veronica, who also needed to take the work on a flight with her, I decided to skip frames with glass altogether, and paint on small wooden plaques with ink and acrylic. Some of the other GDG gals do this a lot so I thought I’d give it a shot. I like how substantial it made the original pieces.

(Click to enlarge)

Jackets & Sleeves at Atomic Books

I re-illustrated the cover of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential for the one night show “Jackets & Sleeves” at Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD.

The concept of the show is local illustrators redesigning book jackets and record sleeves.

A one night only group art show.

Friday, October 7th.
7-9PM. Atomic Books.
Hampden, Baltimore.

Artists recreate their own covers to iconic record sleeve and book jackets.

Featuring: John Bachman, Joanna Barnum, Stephen Blickenstaff, Jim Branscome, Jenny Campbell, Martin Cendreda, Michael Deforge, J.T. Dockery, Nate Doyle, Alex Fine, Julia Gfrorer, Kate Haberer, Danny Hellman, Mark Kubat, Jim Lasher, Pat Moriarity, Joshua McKerrow, Tom Neely, Clint Nichols, Liz Prince, Jon Powell, Brian Ralph, Grant Reynolds, Cat Sachse, Whitney Sherman, Kevin Slaughter, Dave Sobel, Nolen Strals, Scott Sugiuchi, Sara Tomko, Noah Van Sciver, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Jim Ventosa, Erin Womack

Artomatic@Frederick update

Yesterday, I drove out to Frederick, MD to paint and install my Artomatic space.

The building being used is the former home of the Frederick County Public Schools board of education, and I think before that, it was an actual school building. It’s a really great space for the show. The old building is filled with all sorts of interesting winding rooms and built in shelves and alcoves that artists are taking full advantage of for installations. In the “attic” of the building, there is an old gymnasium and stage with a dark, aged wooden floor and rafters and huge windows looking out over the city. They are using that space for large sculptural installations and performances during the event.

Artomatic will run from Sept. 28th – Nov. 6th, 2011. There will be many performances and special events throughout the run. There are over 300 artists exhibiting and performing.

Bronx Zoo animals and more cephalopods

I painted a few more cephalopods to go with the first set.  I also did some small quick paintings based on photos I took at the Bronx Zoo a few years ago.

These are all around 5″ x 7″ and you can find most of them at the Antreasian Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

Prints and notecards are available of any combination of these images.

Prints :
4″ x 6″- $5, or 4/$17
8.5″ x 11″- $10, or 4/$35
11″ x 17″- $30, or 4/$100
13″ x 19″- $40, or 4/$140

Individual cards- $3
Set of any 4 images- $10
Set of any 5 images- $12