Girls Drawin’ on Girls at Flower Pepper Gallery

I just completed these four elements illustrations for the next GDG show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA. The theme for the show is the elements, with a 60s flair. I tried to be inspired by the bright colors used in a lot of art and design from the 60s, and wound up setting the four elements in Hawaii.

Special thanks to four of my lovely dance troupe-mates for modeling for this project.

Prints are available!


Girls Drawin’ Girls “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” popup show

I just finished this spooky sketch for a bloody mary themed popup show Girls Drawin’ Girls is doing at Mom’s Bar in Los Angeles (complete with a make your own bloody mary bar, of course.)


The show is focused on the drink, but I decided to illustrate the Bloody Mary urban legend that had me terrified of the bathroom mirrors in my elementary school. It was fun to do on the heels of my “Black Aggie” illustration for the Maryland series, since I’ve heard that down here, in addition to the legends about the Black Aggie statue, she also morphed into their version of Bloody Mary.

GDG: “For the Love of Fromage”

Girls Drawin’ Girls is hosting a mac n’ cheese cook off/popup art event in Los Angeles:

A few of us created small cheese-themed pinup pieces for display and sale at the event. Here’s mine- click the preview image to see the whole thing (it contains more than one kind of “moon” so it might not be worksafe for everyone, but it’s classical style nudity, nothing explicit).

Distorted Disney

I just sent off two pieces for this show organized by fellow Girls Drawin’ Girls member Veronica Lynn Harper:

We were asked to satirize Disney classics. At first I had trouble thinking of a way to put a dark twist on a Disney story without simply reverting to the original fairy tales, which were often quite macabre, but then I decided to imagine what might have happened to Sleeping Beauty and Snow White if their princes had never shown up to awaken them.

This media is a little different for me, too. Since I needed to ship the work to Veronica, who also needed to take the work on a flight with her, I decided to skip frames with glass altogether, and paint on small wooden plaques with ink and acrylic. Some of the other GDG gals do this a lot so I thought I’d give it a shot. I like how substantial it made the original pieces.

(Click to enlarge)

Happy birthday to me!

My comp copy of the new Girls Drawin’ Girls Vol. 4 book, The Way Nature Made Her, just arrived!  What a nice birthday surprise.  It’s a beautiful book.  (you can order your own copy here.)

Next to it, you can also see the beautiful fern platter my parents gave me for my birthday.

Oh, and what’s this?  I bought a new sewing machine while I was visiting my family in NY.  It’s an Innovis 40.  Happens to be the Project Runway limited edition, which normally would have scared me off (I think of gimmicky products as being inferior quality), but Consumer Reports gave it an excellent review for an intermediate machine, and after I test drove it at Hartsdale Fabrics, I had to take it home.  It’s a lot more cooperative than my old machine, which had seen better days.  I can mock serge and make rolled hems!  I’ve just started sewing some every day napkins for our house so we can stop wasting paper with disposable napkins.

My friend/dance partner in crime Amy made the adorable cupcake pincushion.

I also brought this painting home with me and hung it in my studio.  My Uncle Don painted it for me when I was a little girl, to go with my unicorn bedroom.  I still really like unicorns.