A preview

A snippet of a larger piece, which you’ll be allowed to see eventually.


More Maryland paintings

I’ve finished up a few more paintings in the “Maryland My Maryland” series of illustrations.

I just had a meeting with Brian Truax over at Truax Custom Frames on Harford Rd. in Hamilton, and we’re going to be hanging these plus a few more in mid June. Stay tuned for reception information.

These are the previous pieces from the series:

Mini: 4″ x 6″- $5, or 4/$17 (glossy only)
Small: 8.5″ x 11″- $10, or 4/$35 (glossy or matte finish)
Large: 11″ x 17″- $30, or 4/$100 (glossy only)
Jumbo: 13″ x 19″- $40, or 4/$140 (glossy only)

Individual cards- $3
Set of any 4 images- $10
Set of any 5 images- $12
(Cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″, come with envelopes, and sets are packaged together in clear sleeves)

Shipping is $2 for any number of mini or small prints or notecards, $3 for any number of large or jumbo prints, to ANY destination- US or international.

Drop me a line at joanna at joannabarnum dot com to place an order and arrange payment via Paypal, check, or money order.

FYI, I’ll be leaving home on a road trip soon, so if you don’t order in the next week, you may need to wait until June. However, I WILL have e-mail access throughout the trip, so if you drop me a line and I’m not available to send out new orders at that time, I will definitely respond to let you know.

Maryland Wine Festival poster

I put this together for the Maryland Wine Festival poster competition. I didn’t win, but I did receive an honorable mention and two passes to the festival, so that should be fun.

I did the illustration in the same style I’ve been working in for the “Marylandia” series illustrations, and it’s about Maryland wineries, so I’ll probably display it as part of that series when it comes time to exhibit it. The text on the poster is hand lettered, but the layout was assembled in Photoshop, so the original painting of the wreath and wineglass is without text.

Killer Queen

For Ten Paces And Draw’s “March Mixtape” feature, I illustrated Queen’s song “Killer Queen.” Follow the link to see what other folks came up with.

(Click on the image to see more detail- the resized version embedded in the post looks a little blurry)

Pen and ink, brush and ink, and some digital editing.

Prints available– Drop me a line at joanna at joannabarnum dot com.