Calendar sale on Lulu

If you’re still looking for a calendar, Lulu is currently offering a 30% off coupon code until January 31st. Use the code SHELFSTOCK305 at checkout. You can use it to buy my science portrait calendar, or any other calendar or book at Lulu!

Alternately, you can use the code WHOASHIPPING to get free ground shipping on your entire order until January 31. (You can’t combine the two codes).


Aron and Pals


My husband and I made this little book for our friend Aron as a birthday/Christmas gift. Not too long ago, he declared that photos of him may not be posted online unless the poster takes the trouble to Photoshop a monster into the photo first. Done and done.

Cyber Monday

Today and tomorrow, for Cyber Monday, free shipping in my Etsy shop ( with the code MONDAY2011.

Also, check out Lulu’s front page. There is currently a 25% off coupon code for calendar orders! I believe they’re also announcing another big discount tomorrow for Cyber Monday. You could use it to order some of my science calendars, or anything else you want from Lulu.