Recent portraits.

A few commissioned portraits I’ve done since returning from my trip. Would you like to have something like this made from one of your favorite family photos?


Jackets & Sleeves at Atomic Books

I re-illustrated the cover of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential for the one night show “Jackets & Sleeves” at Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD.

The concept of the show is local illustrators redesigning book jackets and record sleeves.

A one night only group art show.

Friday, October 7th.
7-9PM. Atomic Books.
Hampden, Baltimore.

Artists recreate their own covers to iconic record sleeve and book jackets.

Featuring: John Bachman, Joanna Barnum, Stephen Blickenstaff, Jim Branscome, Jenny Campbell, Martin Cendreda, Michael Deforge, J.T. Dockery, Nate Doyle, Alex Fine, Julia Gfrorer, Kate Haberer, Danny Hellman, Mark Kubat, Jim Lasher, Pat Moriarity, Joshua McKerrow, Tom Neely, Clint Nichols, Liz Prince, Jon Powell, Brian Ralph, Grant Reynolds, Cat Sachse, Whitney Sherman, Kevin Slaughter, Dave Sobel, Nolen Strals, Scott Sugiuchi, Sara Tomko, Noah Van Sciver, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Jim Ventosa, Erin Womack

Portrait progress

Here’s a preliminary drawing for a commissioned pet portrait. This is a good example of how I can create a portrait combining multiple reference photos of different pets, since it’s not usually possible to get them to cooperate in posing for photos.

And here’s the finished portrait of the little girl from the other day.