Geek Love anthology Kickstarter

I love the DIY production ethic that Kickstarter fosters. I’ve produced, participated in, and supported a number of Kickstarter based endeavors, and I love that something like this exists. The website allows ordinary people to contribute funding (a little or a lot) to projects that artists and other entrepreneurs want to produce.

I am excited to be a part of Geek Love, a fun anthology of adult erotica with a “nerdy” theme. My illustration “An Evening At Home” will be included, and possibly some additional illustrations. A small sneak preview of my illustration is below.

(Please note that this is an adult anthology. Although there is no explicit content on the Kickstarter page, some of the words and pictures there are a little naughty. You’ve been warned!)

Amazingly, the project met its primary funding goal within the first few days of the Kickstarter campaign, but it’s not too late to contribute, anyway.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow the hard copy of the book to be printed, and will also allow all contributing writers and illustrators to be paid for their work.

The project is being spearheaded by author and editor Shanna Germain. From the Kickstarter page:

“Geek Love. It’s nerdy, wordy and a little bit dirty. It’s 200 pages of geek-themed erotic stories, accompanied by full-color art and comics, all from some of the finest authors and artists in the industry.

Think of it as the comma sutra. As full-frontal nerdity at its finest. As the bestiary of geek sexuality, proving once and for all that there’s nothing hotter than geeks in their natural habitats.

Geek Love isn’t just smart and sexy. It’s also sex-, gender- and geek-positive. The stories and art in the collection showcase and support a broad spectrum of geeks, genders, body types, classes, races, abilities and sexualities…”


Sketch cards for 5finity

Earlier this year, I did my first ever sketch cards for 5finity Productions. They were for the “Katie Cook: Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies” series. I only did eight cards, so I’m a “super rare artist” for the set.

I’m still trying to fully understand how the whole sketch card subculture works! But I’m having fun so far.

I have two Artist Exclusive blanks from this series available for commissions, at $50 each, including shipping.

I’m currently working on a few cards for 5finity’s March of Dimes fundraiser.

GDG: “For the Love of Fromage”

Girls Drawin’ Girls is hosting a mac n’ cheese cook off/popup art event in Los Angeles:

A few of us created small cheese-themed pinup pieces for display and sale at the event. Here’s mine- click the preview image to see the whole thing (it contains more than one kind of “moon” so it might not be worksafe for everyone, but it’s classical style nudity, nothing explicit).