Phylo card game update

A while ago, I was asked to contribute some of my nature illustrations to Phylo, a creative commons nonprofit card game that educates children about biodiversity.

Phylo was recently featured in “Second Nature,” the children’s magazine of the Natural History Museum in London. My bald eagle card was shown in the article and in the set of starter cards included as a magazine fold-out.

If this project sounds interesting, you can contribute work too.


Ten Paces and Draw blog

I participated in the very cool Ten Paces and Draw blog for the first time last week. The project is organized by fellow MICA alumni Alyssa Nassner and Rachel Dougherty. Each week, participating artists submit sketches on a theme. Then each artist receives someone else’s sketch to take to final. I love the concept, and some really nice work is coming out of it.

Last week’s theme was Flora.

Here is a final illustration I created based on a sketch by Julia Kostreva. Click on the image to visit the Ten Paces blog and see Julia’s original sketch.

And here is a final illustration by Sarah Straub based on my sketch. Click on the image to go see my original sketch she based it on.

Quick preliminary for illustrative portrait

An “illustrative” portrait is more involved than the straightforward watercolor-from-photo portraits I often do. The concept, process, and style is similar to the sort of portrait illustration I’d create of a celebrity or historical figure for publication , only this one happens to be commissioned by a private individual as a gift for someone she knows.

If you’d to commission a portrait in this style, feel free to contact me for a quote.