Sketch cards for 5finity’s March of Dimes fundraiser

Steve of 5finity is going to be auctioning of these and other original sketch cards to benefit the March of Dimes- more info about that as I have it. I’m also on board as an artist for 5finity’s Lady Death Series 2- I’m super excited! I love doing these.


Sketch cards for 5finity

Earlier this year, I did my first ever sketch cards for 5finity Productions. They were for the “Katie Cook: Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies” series. I only did eight cards, so I’m a “super rare artist” for the set.

I’m still trying to fully understand how the whole sketch card subculture works! But I’m having fun so far.

I have two Artist Exclusive blanks from this series available for commissions, at $50 each, including shipping.

I’m currently working on a few cards for 5finity’s March of Dimes fundraiser.