The Road Trip, April 28- May 23

I kept putting off posting this because first it took me a while to get everything scanned and saved, and then I kept telling myself I was also going to WRITE about the trip. I’m not much of a writer. Maybe some writing or travel tips will come later.

For now, here is the art. The title of each file includes the date and location (which will show up if you hover over the thumbnail with your mouse), and they are displayed in chronological order. After the first two, which are awfully overworked, I tried to stick to a timed 15 minutes for each painting. The paintings are all 4″ x 6″, watercolor, painted from life.

I’m not sure what my plan for these is. I might try to keep doing them as I go about my life locally. Originally I thought I’d try to show them, but I don’t think there are enough yet.

My husband and I do plan to collaborate on a small book printed through Lulu that includes my artwork and his photography from the trip, which should be available by the holiday season at the latest.

I guess the originals are for sale if there’s interest. Drop me a line if you want to talk about it.


Quick preliminary for illustrative portrait

An “illustrative” portrait is more involved than the straightforward watercolor-from-photo portraits I often do. The concept, process, and style is similar to the sort of portrait illustration I’d create of a celebrity or historical figure for publication , only this one happens to be commissioned by a private individual as a gift for someone she knows.

If you’d to commission a portrait in this style, feel free to contact me for a quote.