Star Wars at Ten Paces & Draw

I created this illustration of Princess Leia (disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh to rescue Han Solo) for the Ten Paces & Draw blog’s recent Star Wars character exercise.


Game of Thrones

Ten Paces and Draw has moved to a new website, and added a character redesign theme to the usual mix of swaps. The redesigns aren’t swaps, we were given free reign to either re-imagine or just redraw in our style the character we chose.

I drew Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, but messed with the universe the story is set in. This was SO much fun to do.

Prints available.

Check out some of the other redesigns Ten Paces artists did based on George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire.

Killer Queen

For Ten Paces And Draw’s “March Mixtape” feature, I illustrated Queen’s song “Killer Queen.” Follow the link to see what other folks came up with.

(Click on the image to see more detail- the resized version embedded in the post looks a little blurry)

Pen and ink, brush and ink, and some digital editing.

Prints available– Drop me a line at joanna at joannabarnum dot com.

Ten Paces “Villains” challenge

The theme for this week’s Ten Paces & Draw challenge was “villains.”

For my swap, I created a final illustration based on a sketch of Hans Gruber from “Die Hard,” drawn by Marloes de Vries.

My illustration:

You can check out Marloes’s sketch over at the Ten Paces blog.

My rough sketch for the swap was of Eve and the Serpent, and Marloes created a final based on it.

Ten Paces and Draw blog

I participated in the very cool Ten Paces and Draw blog for the first time last week. The project is organized by fellow MICA alumni Alyssa Nassner and Rachel Dougherty. Each week, participating artists submit sketches on a theme. Then each artist receives someone else’s sketch to take to final. I love the concept, and some really nice work is coming out of it.

Last week’s theme was Flora.

Here is a final illustration I created based on a sketch by Julia Kostreva. Click on the image to visit the Ten Paces blog and see Julia’s original sketch.

And here is a final illustration by Sarah Straub based on my sketch. Click on the image to go see my original sketch she based it on.