Wedding Portraits

These two wedding portraits were painted as gifts to friends who got married this year. Congratulations!


Hampton National Historic Site paintings/Facebook

Earlier this year, I participated in a one day show/competition at the Hampton National Historic Site in Towson, MD. The Hampton Arts Initiative has put up a website including some of the pieces from the show that are still available.

There is some great work here to look at or buy, including my watercolors from the show.

Also, did you know that I have a Facebook fan page for my portrait work? If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” my page and receive updates in your newsfeed.

Next week (once I recover from some major dental work I’m about to have), I’ll be announcing a big print sale, so you may want to get your wallets ready for some early holiday shopping. My husband brought home many, many spare mailing tubes from his office…so many, in fact, that I don’t know where to put them. So it’s the “too many darn mailing tubes in my house” print sale. Stay tuned!

Tarot, Mystics, & The Occult at Light Grey Art Lab

I’m very excited to have been chosen to participate in this upcoming Light Grey Art Lab show. 78 artists and designers were each assigned a card from the tarot deck to illustrate. The show will be going up this October, with prints of the artwork available online and at the gallery. Stay tuned for more information about the show in Minneapolis and how to buy prints.

My assigned card was the Five of Swords. Of course, I had to use the swords suit as an excuse to draw belly dancers. When I researched the meaning of the card, I found out that it’s a somewhat negative card, which can indicate power struggles and betrayal. So the informal title for my piece is “Upstaged.”

Sketch cards for 5finity

Earlier this year, I did my first ever sketch cards for 5finity Productions. They were for the “Katie Cook: Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies” series. I only did eight cards, so I’m a “super rare artist” for the set.

I’m still trying to fully understand how the whole sketch card subculture works! But I’m having fun so far.

I have two Artist Exclusive blanks from this series available for commissions, at $50 each, including shipping.

I’m currently working on a few cards for 5finity’s March of Dimes fundraiser.

Girls Drawin’ on Girls at Flower Pepper Gallery

I just completed these four elements illustrations for the next GDG show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA. The theme for the show is the elements, with a 60s flair. I tried to be inspired by the bright colors used in a lot of art and design from the 60s, and wound up setting the four elements in Hawaii.

Special thanks to four of my lovely dance troupe-mates for modeling for this project.

Prints are available!

The Road Trip, April 28- May 23

I kept putting off posting this because first it took me a while to get everything scanned and saved, and then I kept telling myself I was also going to WRITE about the trip. I’m not much of a writer. Maybe some writing or travel tips will come later.

For now, here is the art. The title of each file includes the date and location (which will show up if you hover over the thumbnail with your mouse), and they are displayed in chronological order. After the first two, which are awfully overworked, I tried to stick to a timed 15 minutes for each painting. The paintings are all 4″ x 6″, watercolor, painted from life.

I’m not sure what my plan for these is. I might try to keep doing them as I go about my life locally. Originally I thought I’d try to show them, but I don’t think there are enough yet.

My husband and I do plan to collaborate on a small book printed through Lulu that includes my artwork and his photography from the trip, which should be available by the holiday season at the latest.

I guess the originals are for sale if there’s interest. Drop me a line if you want to talk about it.